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    Product Features:
    High precision equipped with servodriven, accurate metering, random error within±0.5%; 
    High performance anti drooling mixing device with flowback adjusting function, accurate material output synchronization, even mix;
    Fully automatic control of material injecting time, cleaning frequency, and automatic cleaning flush and air purge;
    Working table adopts aluminum profiles, adjustable height, strong and durable;
    Adopting PLC, touch screen man-machine interface, and servosystem to control casting, move as per preset track, accurate positioning, which can meet the production need of round, rectangle, and special irregular shape items, high production efficiency, stable performance.
    Additional functions optional: remote control, automatic feeding, high viscosity filling pump, automatic cycle during shutdown , mixing head water flush, etc.;


    Product Application


    Suitable for the production of foaming seal strip of electrical cabinet, chassis cabinets, electronics, lighting, filter, auto parts and other industries. The sealing strip produce has uniform skin, high elasticity, and high sealing performance.

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