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    This equipment is dedicated to refrigerator sandwich insulation board insulation board, the color tile, foam production of sandwich plates of air-conditioning and ventilation pipes.
    Laminating machine using 16 mm Q345B steel low alloy steel plate with rectangular pipe welding in the framework of bolt connection and into. Laminating machine mould heating can be used for 15 * 30 stainless steel rectangular tube close to the steel plate (water or oil), or is made of carbon crystal electric heating plate electric heating. Upper die adopts transmission screw (T36 * 6), a complete synchronous hoist motor, drive shaft and other institutions, the highest level of 250 mm, laminating machine horizontal moving in orbit (manual or electric). Near the bottom die backer USES the steel plate strengthened, height can be adjusted up and down (100-150), clamping screw using 45 # steel car processing living spirit, live at the bottom of the spirit with plane bearings, reduce frictional resistance. Overall installation Angle ?

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