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    Annular automatic nsole and sole production line is an ideal equipment based on our company’s independent research and development, which can save labor cost, improve production efficiency and automation degree, also possess the characteristics of stable performance, accurate metering, high precision positioning, automatic position identifying.


    Annular line length 19000, drive motor power 3kw/GP, frequency control;
    Station 60;
    Oven length 14000, heating power 28kw, inner motor power 7X1.5kw;
    Mold opening and clamping adopt servo motor 1.5kw, reducer PF-115-32;
    Panasonic PLC control, 10 Inch Touch screen;
    Production process: Spraying mold release agent - manual workpiece placing - mold clamping - mold opening - pouring - mold clamp - mold lock - curing - mold open - manual workpiece taking-mold cleaning

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